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Court finds that pharmacy exec violated non-compete agreement

In recent years, non-compete agreements have earned a bad reputation, primarily because they are being overused and are often too broadly written. Major companies are including non-compete agreements as standard clauses in the contracts of even low-level workers. And the restrictions placed on workers are often unreasonable – a major litmus test of whether a non-compete is enforceable.

Although use of non-competes has gotten out of hand, these legal agreements still have an important role to play in the right context. A recent court ruling is a good example of why non-compete agreements are so important, particularly with high-level executives.

How should a whistleblower report fraud?

Ethical workers who spot fraud within a company or government need to know their rights. Whistleblowers are often conflicted in how to handle sounding the alarm when fraud is identified. Should an employee approach their managers and supervisors, or should an employee go straight to the police or news station? There are many options on how to approach exposing fraud within a person's place of employment.

If you are worried that you might lose your job or face retaliation for exposing wrongdoing within the company, you are not alone. This is a common fear that keeps many mouths shut that need to speak up when it comes to fraudulent activity at work. The fact of the matter is-- you don't want to approach your leadership or a news station without first contacting a reputable lawyer.

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