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What happens in court during civil litigation?

Movies and television give many people here in Pennsylvania and elsewhere a certain idea about how things go once they step foot in the courtroom. The cinematic versions of civil litigation often fall short of the real process. Those heading into court for any civil matter may benefit from a basic understanding of how it works.

Would mediation of a denial under the Right to Know Law be best?

Whenever a Pennsylvania news outlet or one of the state's residents requests public information, it could be denied. The person or entity requesting the information does not have to accept this response without further inquiry since the public agency must have a compelling reason to deny the request. In this case, the state's Right to Know Law allows for an appeal, but that may not be the best way to resolve the dispute.

Would alternative dispute resolution work better in your case?

Litigation is not always the best way to resolve a problem you have with another party. Perhaps you tried to work out the issue on your own and think that now, looking for resolution through Pennsylvania's civil courts is the only solution but that may not be true. You may be able to make use of an alternative dispute resolution method to reach the best possible solution.

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