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Why is summer a dangerous time for teenage drivers?

On Behalf of | Aug 10, 2023 | Injuries |

Summer is a time of year most teens long for, with school out, the sun shining and the open road beckoning. It’s a period filled with new drivers fresh out of driver’s education, an abundance of free time and an increase in overall travel. This perfect storm of circumstances also makes summer particularly dangerous for teen drivers.

Every summer, a new crop of teen drivers hits the road after passing their driver’s education courses. While these courses provide essential training, nothing can fully replicate the experience of driving independently in real-life conditions. This lack of experience combined with overconfidence can lead to risky driving behaviors, such as speeding, not wearing seatbelts and distracted driving, which increase the chances of accidents.

Teens have more free time

With school out for the summer, teens typically have more free time, and that often translates to more time spent behind the wheel. Whether it’s driving to summer jobs, visiting friends or simply cruising around, the sheer increase in driving hours increases the potential for accidents. The longer daylight hours may also encourage teens to stay out later, increasing the chances of late-night driving when visibility is poorer.

There is an overall increase in travel

Summer is a popular time for road trips and vacations, leading to an overall increase in traffic on the roads. Not only are there more vehicles on the road, but there are also more recreational vehicles, such as campers and boats, which can lead to more complex driving conditions. Combined, these factors can make summer roads challenging for even the most experienced drivers, let alone those who are newly licensed.

People who are involved in a crash with any driver – of any age – have the right to seek compensation from the liable parties. During the particularly dangerous days of summer, teens, parents and other motorists alike should be particularly vigilant to prevent wrecks and should seek legal guidance in the event that one occurs.