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What to know about depositions in civil litigation

When a Pennsylvania resident or business decides to take a dispute to court, numerous steps will more than likely occur before seeing the inside of a courtroom. One of the steps that may occur is a deposition, which can be an integral part of civil litigation. Understanding the basics could help alleviate any anxiety or stress regarding this process.

Do you have mixed feelings about being a whistleblower?

You may have always considered yourself someone who would stand up for what is right. You always felt heated when you saw someone mistreating another person or discovered that someone was abusing his or her power. While the actions you had to take to stand up in the past may have been relatively simple, such as sticking up for a friend, you may need to take more serious action now that you believe that your employer is committing unethical or illegal acts.

What kinds of damages can result from commercial litigation?

When a contractual relationship degrades into a dispute, the prospect of ending up in a courtroom can become real. Most Pittsburgh businesses will first attempt to work out their differences without commercial litigation, but it may become inevitable. Before deciding to take this step, it could help to understand what damages the court could award.

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