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What kinds of damages can result from commercial litigation?

On Behalf of | Sep 14, 2019 | Commercial Litigation |

When a contractual relationship degrades into a dispute, the prospect of ending up in a courtroom can become real. Most Pittsburgh businesses will first attempt to work out their differences without commercial litigation, but it may become inevitable. Before deciding to take this step, it could help to understand what damages the court could award.

The most common type of damages people receive as a result of successful litigation is compensatory damages. This is economic loss, often based on what the injured party would need to receive the products or services promised in the contract from someone or somewhere else. Restitution is another form of monetary relief in which the person harmed is paid back. Other types of monetary damages could be awarded depending on the circumstances.

Not all damages resulting from litigation are monetary. Non-monetary damages such as an injunction could also be awarded by the court. The breaching party could be required to perform his or her part of the contract if that is the only way to provide relief to the injured party. The court could also simply cancel the contract in order to allow the parties to walk away with no further obligation to each other.

When a Pittsburgh business owner decides that the next step in a dispute is commercial litigation, it would help to determine what exactly he or she expects to receive if the lawsuit is successful. Understanding the types of damages the court could award may help in that endeavor. However, not every claim is eligible for a particular type of relief, so it would be useful to work with an experienced attorney who can provide the advice and assistance needed to put forth the best case possible.