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A basic breakdown of a qui tam lawsuit

by | Oct 30, 2020 | Civil Litigation, Whistleblowers |

Medical professionals are usually highly regarded among other industries and their patients as people who place the well-being of others before themselves. And in most cases, that’s very true. Nurses, doctors and other medical staff members do whatever they can to protect and serve their patients.

However, what can those medical professionals do if they notice illegal activities happening in the walls of the hospital? One of the best options is to file a qui tam lawsuit under the False Claims Act – a provision that protects whistleblowers in multiple industries.

What does it mean to be a whistleblower?

Essentially, workers may bring proof of fraudulent activities in their hospital and sue on behalf of the United States government. It’s commonly known as whistleblowing, and it’s protected under the provision from actions such as retaliation, harassment and discrimination in their workplace.

To be protected under the False Claims Act, you have to show evidence of the following violations:

  • Charging more than was provided (like additional or unnecessary tests)
  • Requesting payment for goods or services that were less quality or not required for treatments
  • Submitting a fraudulent application for a government loan
  • Fraudulently seeking contracts with the government
  • Attempting to pay the government less than what is owed

And there are more possible acts depending on the industry or hospital you are operating in.

What about protections?

As previously stated, the act covers specific protections for whistleblowers including certain relief precautions. You can even receive compensation if an employer violates the act and performs retaliation against you or any other whistleblowers.

It’s critical to note that a violation of these protections is not filed under a qui tam lawsuit but a qui tam recovery case. You would have to seek a different claim if you experienced discrimination or harassment due to a current qui tam case.

Do not let illegal behaviors slide due to fear. You are protected and can bring evidence forward when you feel it’s the right decision.