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When to seek an appeal in court

On Behalf of | Apr 17, 2020 | Appellate Practice |

There are many circumstances where companies or business owners are not satisfied with a court’s ruling on a dispute. It probably happens during every case because there is usually one winner in most lawsuits.

However, some companies have another option, such as filing an appeal. In Pennsylvania, you may file an appeal to the state Supreme Court and the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania. Both courts hear civil cases from the trial courts.

To appeal or not to appeal

While businesses have the option to appeal the court’s decision, the question becomes, “should they file?” In most cases, an appeal is a great option, especially if you feel secure with your litigator’s ability to effectively communicate with the judges about the previous decision and why it needs to change.

The appeal process allows each side to hold an “oral argument” in front of a panel of judges – typically three judges. There isn’t a jury or an audience to witness the trial. Instead, all the deliberation and decisions fall onto the panel.

It’s important to note while you may file for an appeal, there is no guarantee that the appellate court will listen to your case. They may just uphold the previous proceeding’s results without listening to any arguments.

If you feel like you want to appeal a previous proceeding’s results, make sure to thoroughly investigate your arguments and your litigation before filing an appeal. It will only help you if you do proceed into the appellate court.