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Preparing for the most personal kind of civil litigation: Divorce

On Behalf of | Nov 6, 2019 | Civil Litigation |

Not every Pennsylvania couple can resolve their marital issues amicably. High conflict divorces still occur, and when they do, they end up in the civil litigation process. One of the best things someone heading into this situation can do is prepare for it.

Since a large part of the divorce process involves monetary issues, Pennsylvania residents who are about to begin a divorce or are in the first stages of it may want to get their finances in order to help avoid making mistakes that could prove costly in the future. In order to truly know what the financial future will look like, it is important to first understand the current situation. Only then can an individual anticipate how those numbers will change after the divorce. For instance, with the previous income now supporting two households instead of one, certain adjustments will need to be made.

Another part of understanding the current financial situation is having all of the relevant documentation. Gathering bank statements, mortgage and other loan documents, debts and asset information helps provide a clear picture and helps figure out the appropriate direction to go. An individual may decide to fight for the family home, but after reviewing all of the family’s financial documentation, that decision could prove more costly than at first anticipated.

Having a good grasp of the family’s current financial situation is a good place to start when entering into this type of civil litigation. Even for couples whose marriages do end amicably, preparation is key. It becomes even more important when the parties fail to see eye-to-eye and face an adversarial end to their marriages.