Mediation: A Decisive Departure from Litigation

It has long been recognized in legal circles that the adversarial nature of litigation may not be appropriate for resolving every disagreement. Sometimes, a dispute is best settled in a mutually agreeable manner, and mediation is often the right tool in those cases.

The attorneys at Del Sole Cavanaugh Stroyd LLC are highly experienced in all forms of alternative dispute resolution including mediation. We will adeptly advise you during mediation sessions to help negotiate an outcome that works for you.

How It Works

Your dispute will be discussed with a neutral third party; unlike litigation or arbitration, however, a mediator will not issue a final decision or ruling. Instead, the role of the mediator is to help the two sides reach an agreement on their own without going to a courtroom.

Even though the process is less formal than litigation or arbitration, each party should be represented by its own lawyer. If both sides can negotiate an agreement in good faith, mediation is often faster and cheaper than litigation and arbitration, is confidential, and can allow both parties to control the outcome.

Rely on Trusted Negotiators

Our attorneys are well-versed in mediation and all forms of alternative dispute resolution. We will ensure you are well-prepared going into the process and will be by your side throughout mediation, giving you targeted advice and helping you understand likely outcomes.

Lawyers Ready to Help You Resolve Complex Disputes

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