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We are your Legal Advocates in Arbitration

Among the various forms of alternative dispute resolution, arbitration is perhaps the most popular for resolving business disputes. At Del Sole Cavanaugh Stroyd LLC our skilled courtroom-savvy attorneys regularly put their expertise to use representing clients in arbitration. We understand how to utilize that process on behalf of our clients and can advise you on its pros and cons in a given case.

Arbitration is like Streamlined Litigation

The process of arbitration is similar to courtroom litigation, in that it involves the presentation of evidence and arguments, testimony and cross-examination of witnesses, ending with a binding ruling by a neutral decision-maker.

The person who decides the case is not a practicing judge. Often, the arbitrator is a retired judge or experienced lawyer whose involvement in the case was approved by both parties ahead of time. In general, arbitration is easier than litigation because arguments and evidence are limited and simplified.

Weighing the Pros and Cons

There are a number of ways that arbitration differs from litigation. But whether these differences are good or bad can depend on how they play out in your particular case. Here are some examples:

Pro: Both parties choose the arbitrator — This can allow for greater fairness and hiring someone who may already be knowledgeable about the issues in dispute.

Pro: Greater confidentiality — Court records are usually open to the public whereas details of an arbitrated dispute may be kept confidential.

Pro or Con: Appeals are rare and more difficult — Whether this is good or bad depends how you are affected by the original ruling. If you won, a difficult appeals process is to your advantage, and vice versa.

Pro or Con: Costs and speed of resolution — Arbitration may be faster and less expensive than litigation; the cost and speed of an arbitration will usually be determined by the complexity of the case and other factors.

How We Can Help

As a boutique litigation firm, we are highly experienced in all aspects of litigation, negotiations and alternative dispute resolution. No matter which route you choose, our attorneys will vigorously represent your interests in the most efficient manner available.

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