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Strong Advocacy in First Amendment and Right to Know Law Litigation

With so much media saturation online, on TV and in print, it can often be difficult to separate truth from noise. It is now more important than ever to protect the rights of reputable journalistic institutions, news and media outlets.

At Del Sole Cavanaugh Stroyd LLC our attorneys are proud to represent media outlets facing litigation, attempted government censorship or government obstruction for simply exercising their First Amendment rights. In doing so, we fight to ensure that everyone has access to the truth and that their rights to free speech are maintained.

Experienced Defense in Defamation Litigation

Many recent high-profile defamation lawsuits have involved media outlets being sued by famous politicians, celebrities or others. Under Pennsylvania law, these “public figures” have a more difficult time pursuing damages for an allegedly defamatory claim than a private citizen would because they must prove two things: first, that the allegedly defamatory statements were false; Second, that the defendant acted with actual malice.

There are many more nuances in Pennsylvania defamation law, of course, and we are happy to discuss how each applies to your case. Remember: the strongest defense against a defamation claim is the truth, which means that responsible news outlets usually have nothing to worry about.

Representation in Right to Know Cases

Since 2009, Pennsylvania’s has made the public’s access to government records easier. All documents are presumed to be public unless the governmental agency makes a compelling case to keep them private.

Despite the clear intentions of the Right to Know Act, some agencies continue to refuse requested information. If requests are denied in bad faith, the agency can face civil penalties of up to $1500 for each record. If the agency remains noncompliant, it may face a $500 per day penalty for each day that the record is withheld.

Our firm has in-depth knowledge about the Right to Know Act and can help you obtain information from a government agency that refuses to cooperate. We are proud to work with individuals and media outlets to compel the release of information, which the public has a legal right to know.

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