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Ways mediation protects relationships

On Behalf of | Aug 13, 2020 | Alternative Dispute Resolution |

There are many reasons why mediation works well for legal disputes: it’s cheaper, less time-consuming and less emotional-draining than a trial. However, one of the largest benefits of mediation is protection over your current relationships.

It’s a surprising thought, but most people who consider mediation for their dispute either work closely or know the other party personally. It makes sense that you would want to find the most peaceful option that allows you to solve the issue without tearing your relationship apart.

4 reasons why mediation works better for relationships

There are many benefits from a relationship standpoint to seek alternative resolutions for legal disputes, but there are four main benefits:

  • Reduces stress – Mediation offers a safer environment to seek resolutions and have conversations between the parties. It doesn’t feel as intense or stressful as appearing in front of a judge does.
  • Offers perspective – While a trial allows both parties to state their case, mediation allows the parties to explain their perspectives without the pressure of evidence or guilt. Instead, the mediator listens to everyone and helps develop a solid compromise.
  • Staying positive – Mediation fosters a stronger connection between the parties involved and allows them to keep the peace while working towards a final resolution. It actually creates a positive space to strengthen the relationship instead of pinning two people against one another.
  • Focuses on empathy – Similar to perspective, meditation allows the parties to feel more empathy towards one another and decrease their anxiety over time. It may even put you in the prime position to forgive one another despite the results of the legal conflict.

Relationships are incredibly important, and most people do not want to lose them over a disagreement or a difference in approach. Instead, it’s better to find a method that allows you to maintain a relationship with the other person and still find a decent outcome for your issue.