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How to prepare for the appellate process

On Behalf of | Jun 19, 2020 | Appellate Practice |

Most people outside the legal systems aren’t familiar with the complexities of the appellate process. It’s an entirely different dynamic than most cases with specific rules and expectations for everyone involved.

However, there are ways to prepare yourself and your case for the courtroom to ensure success or a well-crafted argument.

Understand what the appellate process is

Before filing an appeal, it’s critical to understand what the procedure for your appeal and feasible outcomes for your case. For example, there are two courts for appeals in Pennsylvania.

The Superior Court focuses on appeals in criminal and most civil cases. It relies on a panel of three judges to review and make the final decision. Also, there is the Commonwealth Court – a court where appeals made by state agencies and lower courts.

In most cases, you will file an appeal through the Superior court, and the court will either grant a petition to review your claim or deny the request and side with the lower court. It’s important to know that only a small portion of appeals are granted.

Developing an oral argument

If your petition is granted, you will need to compile your evidence and points into one compelling oral argument. You will want to rely on an appellate attorney to devise the right strategy for your case. However, you will want to know your argument completely.

It also helps to know your argument for the petition process, so develop a clear idea of why you want to go through an appeal process before filing a petition. Afterward, you can work with a professional to know what the right oral argument is for you.

Find the best representation.

It’s not enough to find a lawyer for your case, but you need the type of attorney to represent your case. It’s better if you can focus on lawyers with appellate experience since they understand the differences between appeals and other matters.

If you are considering an appeal, make sure you take the time to prepare before filing your petition. It will put you on the right path for a successful outcome for you or your company.