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What to consider before opening a franchise

On Behalf of | Mar 23, 2020 | Commercial Litigation |

There are multiple ways to pursue entrepreneurship, including pursing your personal business idea. However, some entrepreneurs want to start with an established brand and business model to gain experience in the industry.

Opening a franchise is an excellent opportunity to learn the necessary skills to run a business while working with an established brand. However, some people may not know what you need to consider before opening doors to the public.

Is a franchise right for you?

Like any other business, franchises require start-up costs, so you need enough starting capital to purchase or rent space for your business, gather equipment and hire employees. Also, you need to work with an attorney to obtain the necessary licensing and insurance to run your franchise.

Do you understand the franchise disclosure document?

Before starting a franchise, you will go through an application process with the franchisor, or the established brand, of your choice. The company will provide a disclosure agreement that includes information on initial fees, investments and information surrounding a potential contract.

The document is supposed to inform you of critical details before you enter into a contract with the franchisor. It’s a valuable tool that you need to read fully before jumping into the franchise process.

Have you reviewed the franchise agreement?

If your application is approved, the franchisor will create a contract that you sign to become a franchisee and operate a business under their company. While reviewing the documentation, you may need a professional to look over any additional requirements or benchmarks for your specific franchise.

Will you receive additional training?

Some companies provide additional training programs for franchisees to inform them about the goods or services they provide. The training may cover anything from corporate policies to managing employees, or bookkeeping.

If you answer these four questions with confidence, you may be ready to start searching for locations and taking the next steps to start a franchise in Pennsylvania. Make sure to take your time and consult with professionals who may be able to help you through the franchise process.