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Signs to turn to alternative resolutions for your dispute

On Behalf of | Mar 18, 2020 | Alternative Dispute Resolution |

Most people have the preconception that battling out a dispute in court is always the right solution because you are fighting for your truth or justice in a situation. However, there are times where court battles only cause more problems than they help.

Luckily, there are ways to approach disputes without appearing in front of a judge. These approaches can save you time, money and emotional trauma. But when should you consider an alternative resolution?

Signs of resolving disputes outside of court

There are many circumstances where a fight in court isn’t necessary. For example:

  • If both parties are flexible on a resolution
  • If neither party wants to go through the court process
  • If the parties are open to more creative solutions
  • If both parties want a speedy solution instead of a drawn-out process

All these signs show that alternative resolutions may be the right route for you and your circumstances. But what’s available for those options?

Types of alternative resolutions

There are several methods of resolving problems outside the courtroom, including:

  • Alternative dispute resolution – it’s a collaborative settlement where both sides have a neutral evaluation for the strengths and weaknesses of their sides. In the end, there will be an outcome established.
  • Arbitration – similar to an alternative dispute resolution, it involves a private hearing that results in a binding resolution by an independent arbitrator.
  • Mediation – it is a neutral third party who will listen to both sides of the situation and implement a solution that works for everyone involved.

Any of these options allows neighbors, business partners or competitors to find a solution with the extensive court fees and the emotional turmoil that comes with a long court battle. It’s critical to note that not all situations can be solved with alternative resolutions, but it’s worth checking into as an option.