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How should a whistleblower report fraud?

On Behalf of | Apr 23, 2019 | Whistleblowers |

Ethical workers who spot fraud within a company or government need to know their rights. Whistleblowers are often conflicted in how to handle sounding the alarm when fraud is identified. Should an employee approach their managers and supervisors, or should an employee go straight to the police or news station? There are many options on how to approach exposing fraud within a person’s place of employment.

If you are worried that you might lose your job or face retaliation for exposing wrongdoing within the company, you are not alone. This is a common fear that keeps many mouths shut that need to speak up when it comes to fraudulent activity at work. The fact of the matter is– you don’t want to approach your leadership or a news station without first contacting a reputable lawyer.

Legal backing is a must

A lawyer will outline all your rights as a whistleblower and defend you against work-retaliation, including unfair termination of your job. The information you share with your lawyer is kept confidential and allows you to seek the best solution on how to handle a sensitive situation. You may need to gather more evidence and take steps towards opening an investigation through the police department. There are whistleblower protection laws to help you expose fraud and remain protected at the same time.

Where is work fraud prevalent?

Work fraud occurs in all types of industries and government agencies. However, some places of employment are more susceptible to conducting fraud than others. Here are some of these places:

  • Tax offices
  • Health care
  • Federal grant agencies
  • Contractors
  • Trading companies

Without proper checks and balances, fraud goes undetected within a community. But whistleblowers keep systems honest through enforcing accountability where there was none before.

You have a choice when you spot fraud, close your eyes and allow it to continue or speak up. You do not have to be a victim of corporate retaliation, you have rights that protect you and your financial stability within a place of employment. It starts by contacting an experienced lawyer.