Defending The Interests Of Energy Industry Clients In Pennsylvania And Nationwide

Del Sole Cavanaugh Stroyd LLC, litigation attorneys provide quality, attentive representation for regional and national energy, oil or gas producers.

The firm is well-known throughout the region for its experience in representing clients in matters involving the production and distribution of energy, such as coal, oil and gas. Our clients are a representative sample of the energy industry, including producers, transporters, and distributors of energy, as well as public utilities. In addition, we represent clients in fields which are ancillary to the energy industry, such as manufacturing of components for use in the extraction and transport of energy resources and the supply-chain and logistics providers that move those resources to the market.

Commercial Litigation Boutique Serving Energy Industry Clients Statewide, In West Virginia And Nationally

Del Sole Cavanaugh Stroyd LLC, lawyers possess decades of combined trial experience with skillful handling of energy law issues, including:

  • Acquisitions and drilling rights
  • Distribution and transportation of gas and oil
  • Defense against injury actions
  • All facets of regional energy markets
  • Extraction of products
  • Ancillary industries and services
  • Energy leases
  • Obtaining clear title to the production on large gas fields
  • Gas storage
  • FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission) matters in federal courts
  • PUC (Public Utility Commission) matters in state courts

If your Pennsylvania or national energy company has encountered legal issues that require high-quality legal representation, we welcome the opportunity to discuss them during an initial consultation at our Pittsburgh law offices.