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Alternate Dispute Resolution in Pennsylvania

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The Pittsburgh attorneys of Del Sole Cavanaugh Stroyd, LLC are experienced in mediation and other means of resolving disputes while they maintain active trial practices. They have the skills in negotiations and in decision-making that help others resolve their disputes. They have been retained by other law firms to help them resolve their internal disputes and have successfully negotiated many settlements. The Honorable Joseph Del Sole (retired) and Arthur Stroyd have been certified in Alternative Dispute Resolution ("ADR") as an area of their expertise; they handle mediations, arbitrations and early neutral evaluations. If you are in need of dispute resolution and looking where to turn, the Pittsburgh attorneys at our firm can help.

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Types of Dispute Resolution We Can Help With

Alternate dispute resolution allows you to settle a dispute without the need for litigation. Many choose to utilize these methods to encourage a collaborative settlement and understand the position of the other party. This can help each party come up with a creative solution to their dispute that may not be available in the traditional courtroom setting. Looking for help with dispute resolution in Pittsburgh? We offer the following:


Mediation is a negotiation-based way to resolve disputes in which the parties discuss the strengths and weaknesses of their positions through a mediator. The mediator generally meets jointly with the parties for an open discussion and usually then meets individually with the parties in private caucuses. In these confidential sessions the parties may discuss their positions more openly and may provide the mediator with insights for common grounds that yield a mutually acceptable outcome.

Judge Del Sole and Art Stroyd have the skills in negotiations and the experience in trials to facilitate creative and sensible resolutions of disputes.


Although Arbitration may resemble a trial, it can save time and costs. It generally involves the presentation of a case to one or more arbitrators, rather than a judge and jury. The hearings are private, rather than public. The arbitrator renders a decision that, depending on the parties' agreement, can be binding.

Unlike the negotiated approach of mediation, arbitration may lend itself to those disputes that cannot be compromised, where the need to present evidence to a fact-finder is unavoidable. At the conclusion of the evidence, the arbitrator determines who is to be believed and who has presented the more credible evidence.

The parties have the ability, when structuring their agreement to arbitrate, to determine the extent of discovery, whether to permit pre-hearing motions, and the nature of the award. Thus, the process can be tailored to their needs.

Judge Del Sole and Art Stroyd frequently serve as neutral arbitrators.

Early Neutral Evaluation

If the parties to a lawsuit are looking for an unbiased expert's opinion about the strengths and weaknesses of their case, Early Neutral Evaluation ("ENE") may be the type of ADR that is preferred. While maintaining a neutral position with the parties, the evaluator may seek further clarification of points of contention, either in a joint session or in private, confidential meetings. Ultimately, the neutral evaluator issues a non-binding opinion about the expected outcome of the case that may help the parties assess their positions more objectively.

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At Del Sole Cavanaugh Stroyd, LLC, we have a dedication and commitment to our clients that span the traditional forms you may find at other firms, and this is illustrated by our conviction in helping you come to the best conclusion in your dispute, which may not always be litigation. Our lawyers can act as a third party to help you defend your best interests in a variety of situations.

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